Selected Writings

Passacaglia and Lament in Ligeti's Recent Music, in the Dutch Journal of Music Theory, Volume 9 Number 1 (February 2004).

Ligeti, Africa and Polyrhythm, in The World of Music, Volume 45 Number 2 (2003).

New Approaches to Music and Interactive Multimedia, in Proceedings of the 2001 IEEE Multimedia Technology and Applications Conference, U.C. Irvine (November 2001).

Setfinder, a javascript webpage for analyzing pitch class sets (somewhat superceded by Paul Nelson's excellent Composer Tools website).

Chopin, Pygmies, and Tempo Fugue: Ligeti's "Automne à Varsovie," in Music Theory Online, Volume 3 Number 3 (May 1997).

The Lamento Motif: Metamorphosis in Ligeti's Late Style. DMA dissertation, Cornell University (May 1994).

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