List of Compositions
(with audio)
Exoplanet sonification
A sonified chart of exoplanets, originally based on XKCD 1071: Exoplanets using data from the Planetary Habitability Laboratory (with help from director Abel Méndez), and based on d3 code by Lane Harrison and Mike Bostock (the dataset may take awhile to load). The lower the pitch, the bigger the planet; the timbre (sound-quality) represents temperature. Plucked strings signify a hot planet; metallic sounds signify cold; and warm planets have a flute sound. Planets which may be habitable have a special sound! Made with Kyma and the Web Audio API; code at GitHub.
Biography Sonification of Trump's Lies
Based on David Leonhardt and Stuart A. Thompson's article "Trump's Lies" from the New York Times, June 23, 2017.
Recent and upcoming performances

Music and genetics: New compositions and sonifications
A series of recent works including Archaea for two carillons (with an interactive website). Other works include Indian Hedgehog (2015) for alto saxophone and electronics, premiered by Debra Richtmeyer in Strasbourg, France, July 12, 2015; and Variations Ascending (2015) for piano, premiered by Ian Hobson in New York City, October 13, 2015; "persuasive and evocative," the New York Times, October 14.

Composition and Theory
School of Music

Paradises Lost
Opera based on the science-fiction novella by Ursula K. Le Guin; Libretto by Marcia Johnson; commissioned by the University of Illinois. Chamber version premiere by Third Angle in Portland, Oregon, on January 20, 2012. Full premiere April 26-29, Urbana, Illinois. Featured at SummerWorks in Toronto, August 13, 2013; review.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Machine Awakes
CD from Albany Records, featuring performances by three Grammy winners: pianist Gloria Cheng, violist Masumi Rostad (Pacifica Quartet), and hornist Oto Carrillo (Chicago Symphony). Includes The Machine Awakes, Seven Memorials, Quark Shadows, and Nebulae. Also available on Amazon and Apple Music. Fanfare magazine, July/August 2010: "...terse, pointillistic, abstract, precise... pretty and anything but shallow... With his refined and imaginative sound world, Stephen Andrew Taylor is a composer worth hearing."

Illinois Modern Ensemble

Everywhere Entangled
For 12 percussionists, commissioned by the Moores School of Music at the University of Houston; released on the CD Everywhere Entangled on Albany Records.

World Without Words
For 13 saxophones, commissioned by Debra Richtmeyer. Premiere at NASA (North American Saxophone Alliance), Athens, Georgia, March 4, 2010.

For flute, harp, electronics and video, premiered at the 10th World Harp Congress in Amsterdam, July 2008; the two-movement version premiered in New York City and Montreal, August 2009. Released on the CD Voyage: American Works for Flute and Harp on Albany Records.

Seven Memorials
For piano, performed at Tanglewood by Gloria Cheng July 29, 2006; "sparklingly tactile." Allan Kozinn, New York Times, 8/2/06. Premiered October 24, 2004 by Gloria in Los Angeles. "...Cheng unveiled something big and special: the first performance of Stephen Andrew Taylor's 'Seven Memorials,' a splendid sonic tour of natural phenomena all over the globe." Richard S. Ginell, LA Times, 9/28/04. 

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