World without Words
for 13 saxophones

Stephen Andrew Taylor, 2009

CD available from Amazon

Commissioned by Debra Richtmeyer and premiered March 4, 2010, by the University of Illinois Saxophone Choir, conducted by Debra Richtmeyer. Available on the recording World Without Words from

WorldWithoutWords.mp3 (8:30 - not quite as nice as the CD version)

Program Note

Written in May 2009, this piece is called World without Words for several reasons: most of my recent works have been for voice, and here was a chance to return to instrumental music. I was reading about animals communicating without language, which is what music does: paradoxically, without words, a composer is forced to communicate more directly with an audience. Musically it's a mongrel - inspired by a cross between Julia Wolfe (her piece Lad for ascending bagpipes) and the unorthodox New York composer Moondog (his song “New Amsterdam”). Finally, after I finished wriitng the piece, I realized what the title reallly meant to me: the piece is dedicated to the memory of writer David Foster Wallace.

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