for recorder quartet
with chamber orchestra

Stephen Andrew Taylor, 2006

"Floating Orange" by Hua Nian

Commissioned by the New Philharmonic, Music Director Kirk Muspratt, for Quartet New Generation, commemorating the 30th season of the New Philharmonic. Dedicated to Quartet New Generation, Kirk Muspratt and the New Philharmonic.

mp3, 9MB



duration ca. 8 minutes

Program Note

When Kirk Muspratt approached me about writing for the New Philharmonic and the recorder collective Quartet New Generation, I had two immediate reactions: first, oh cool - what an amazing group! And then, oh no - how in the world do I write for recorders? After reading every book I could find and obtaining some instruments I was still stuck, until I googled QNG and discovered all the creative projects with which they are involved. They can make recorders sound like nothing you’ve imagined, and I recommend looking them up.

Most of my pieces are usually “about” something: stars exploding, glaciers melting, underwater volcanoes, etc. But recorders sound so amazing that Flow is not about anything except the sound—sometimes like a tabla drum, sometimes like a Renaissance madrigal, and other times, I hope, like nothing you’ve heard before.

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