Everywhere Entangled
for 12 percussionists

Stephen Andrew Taylor, 2010

"Outdoor Drama" by Hua Nian

Commissioned by the Moores School Percussion Ensemble at the University of Houston, directed by Blake Wilkins.

Program Note

Everywhere Entangled is inspired by Galileo's Dream, a novel by Kim Stanley Robinson in which the famed scientist is summoned from the 17th century into the far future by people living on the moons of Jupiter (which were first discovered by Galileo's telescope). The Jovian physicists have discovered three kinds of time: our normal, everyday time (which they call speed-of-light, or c time); backwards time (antichronos); and eternal, or e time, "which vibrates slowly back and forth, as if the universe itself were a single string or bubble, vibrating or breathing." Their time machine is called an entangler, as in "quantum entanglement," the real-life phenomenon in which information can seem to travel faster than light - in other words, breaking the known laws of physics and time.

What I hope to do in this piece is meditate on different kinds of time. While the surface of the music is in constant motion, the harmonies evolve very slowly, and sometimes passages go backwards and forwards at once. Music is fundamentally about the passage of time. But don't worry if you can't hear all these things in the music; my main goal is to create something beautiful to hear. Everywhere Entangled is dedicated with thanks and admiration to Blake Wilkins and the Moores School Percussion Ensemble.

Released on the CD Everywhere Entangled on Albany Records.
mp3 of live performance, 9:37

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